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Copy-editing in the author’s manuscript (on paper or in word-processor files) means:  detailed editing for sense checking for consistency clear presentation of the material for the typesetter

(Butcher, Drake and Leach, Butcher’s Copy-editing: the Cambridge Handbook, 4th ed., 2006)

Copy-editing / Redaktion

Proofreading in publishers’ typeset proofs means: detecting and correcting all spelling and typographical errors checking and correcting punctuation drawing attention to any grammatical errors or possible errors of fact ensuring that typographical specifications and other instructions have been followed

(E.L. Dellow, A First Course in Proof Correcting, 1979)

Proofreading / Korrekturlesen

Book indexing from publishers’ page proofs means:  identifying and locating relevant information  analysing concepts used and producing systematic and helpful alphabetical entries  indicating relationships and groupings among concepts using cross-references

(BS 3700, British Standard Recommendations for Preparing Indexes to Books, Periodicals and Other Documents)

 I use the professional indexing program Cindex.


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